Thursday, May 06, 2004


"don't you make, no mistake, it's our Spring Break"

directed by: Bill Clayton - uncredited (1986)

Starring: Kevin Wiles, Chad Douglas, Todd Donahue, Tony Marinos (aka Danny Russo), Chris Thompson, Jeff Converse, David Ashfield, Corey Monroe, Cole Carpenter, Chris Burns

You got the catchiest theme song ever; Chad Douglas; camera angles from below and above the glass coffee table; Chad Douglas; Kevin Wiles pretending not to like cock for all of 3 seconds before garbling down both Chris Thompson's and David Ashfield's cocks; and Chad Douglas's 1978-version mustache; then of course poor, young Corey Monroe's face when uncle Chad thuds his meat on the coffee table; Dave Ashfield wowing coach Jeff Converse with his manmeat; and of course, WARNING WARNING!! Master's Delight, where Corey Monroe and Chris Burns take turns in the sling while Chad Douglas and Cole "Make A Fist" Carpenter take turns with their toys......