Saturday, May 22, 2004

Ouch. Sleeping til noon is something I rarely do, and on a Saturday! But I work a double tomorrow, so my reward was today off, which finishes off my exciting 3-day weekend. I need to get to the Post Office and get those 4 boxes of porno out of here (and of course check to see if any porno has come in). So why am I sitting here at the computer lollygagging? Ah, remember the underwear I posted about yesterday? Who woulda thunk that I'd have my face buried in a pair much like them last night! (OK, so it might not have been the exact same size, who had time to look?!? But the contents were big enough to keep me busy...)

But, still in a bit of a daze here, and thoroughly enjoying BIJOU VIDEO's speedy new search engine (if you've tried it in the past, is was sometimes frustratingly sluggish). Seriously, it's amazingly fast now, and I've been popping around the site, and finding tons of pics, and info, and even seeing they are adding some DVD's of vintage porn. You MUST try it.

must. go. to. post office........ now!