Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I need help
No, not that kind. (well, yes; but who's gonna pay for months and months, possibly years, of sessions?) What I mean is I have this idea, and of course it can't work/happen if it's just my crazyhairbrained scheme, I need help. I was in this M4M chatroom (yeah, again - or still...) I need solid food, my mind keeps wandering..... Meanwhile, back to the point of all this. I was in this chatroom, and this gentleman mentions it's BIG LUG night at NOWHERE BAR. So I chime in about the $2.00 beers, and we're chatting away. I commented how I get disappointed about how early guys leave, like around the time I get there (12:30ish) - I know what you're thinking, but as paranoid as I am, I don't think it's me. Then he mentions that his disappointment is that despite all the posters promising MAN ASS, he didn't see any. So the conversation went on from there, how maybe if you got lucky, took a guy home, etc, you'd see MAN ASS, but that's the same with any bar, and this nite promised MAN ASS. Clicking on the link now, I can't even find the words MAN ASS on the site any longer! What's with that?

So then I'm thinking, they should have a BEAR JOCKSTRAP NITE, and we'd see all the MAN ASS our little eyes could handle, right? I mean, who wouldn't want to see some serious jockstrapped MAN ASS? But if it's just the pervert who lurks in the corner, keeping his eyes open for dropped dollar billss, they not likely to adopt the idea, right? So maybe we need a write-in campaign, and this is where you, dear readers, and the POWER OF THE INTERNET, come in. Now, I don't want to print the exact email address, as I'm sure I get crawled by those nasty spammers, but info AT biglugnyc.com (and you know to take out the spaces, and change AT to @, right?) is where to send you plea for MAN ASS, or more specifically, JOCKSTRAPPED MAN ASS. C'mon, everyone say it, JOCKSTRAPPED MAN ASS, JOCKSTRAPPED MAN ASS. Feels good, right? Now email them. And I promise all sorts of wonderful surprises if we succeed, ok?