Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I Love Dick

but, alas, I must sell Dick. I have several items on eBay featuring the wonderful, lightly hairy, mustached, butt-munchable, Mr. Dick Fisk. (sorry, folks, all the auctions are in the adult section)

  • photomagazine featuring action shots from the Falcon film, Help Wanted, film #625, with Mr. Fisk and Joe Andrews - ODYSSEY
  • another photomagazine, this one featuring action shots from The Other Side of Aspen, which as you know is actually composed of 4 separate 8mm films - and this magazine features action shots from films #638 & 639 - here we have Dick with lucky Chad Benson from film #638, then of course, in film #639, Al Parker and Casey Donovan go at it hot and heavy - Ski Summit 1
  • more action shots from The Other Side of Aspen - this one from films #640 and 641; 640 has Dick Fisk, Casey Donovan and Al Parker...... and then Chad Benson joins in; 641 has these 4 very happy to see Jeff Turk walk in, undress, and join the orgy in Ski Summit 2
  • finally, a video from Falcon, FVP051, Try To Take It - and as you probably know, many of these videopacs actually consisted of several 'loops' - the one contains Dark Desires, a simple, but very hot film featuring Mr Fisk and Guillermo (who we all remember from El Paso Wrecking Corp.) - both quite versatile, and both quite delicious.