Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Shit! gotta get to work in 4 minutes, and really want to take a shower. So I'll make this quick, The rumors about the COCK being shut down are untrue, and apparently baseless. But when I got an email last night, of course I had to investigate for myself. Damn, loud music, beer, cute young men and drunken aquaintances, not to mentin that adorable tall bartender who smiles just so sweetly as he hands me the Rolling Rock; so I'd have to say the place is still open for business. Only one WARNING! THIS PLACE IS JAM-PACKED WITH PICKPOCKETS sign was up (there's usually 4-5 posters), one urinal was completely gone, and the air conditioning wasn't on, but otherwise, fairly regular night. And all you trashy tourists who like to come to NYC and slum it downtown, just remember, the backroom is only open one night a week, Sunday, 10 bucks and you can get slammed and pushed by all the frat boys you can fit in a 12 x 12 room. Otherwise, there hasn't been backroom action on a non-Sunday in years. Got it?