Tuesday, August 03, 2004


I may wind up regretting this, but what the hell. I suppose it's time to give up on that dream of becoming a Supreme Court Justice, or a run for Congress. And I suppose it's no secret that I love a man's balls in my mouth, so an actual clip of a pair dangling over my chin can't hurt, right? But in case there was any doubt that I do love balls, let he who is still in doubt after viewing this be the first to shove his hairy, sweaty, cum-filled balls down my throat.

So, I was able to find the missing HI-8 tape that had bits and pieces of footage of me with fellow jockstrapped buddies - but alas, now the vidcam isn't working! I found this clip on an old CD I burned with various bits of pornovideo, sometime before I learned how to hook up the sound. Feel free to provide your own sound effects, if you are so inclined.