Friday, August 27, 2004


Speaking of Al Parker (well, he got mentioned a few posts ago in passing, regarding his boyfriend, Steve Taylor, and his handsome face playing a wonderful supporting role in Steve Scott's Performance, but, once again, I digress) - where was I? Ah, Al Parker, one of my all-time faves, here in a simple gee I need to piss, as long as my schlong is out I may as well whack off scenario that we can all relate to. But while researching this clip (yes, I research this stuff, you think it's all stowed in this tiny brain?), I was surprised I wasn't able to find his co-stars names listed anywhere! Not even in Roger Edmonson's disappointing biography, Clone: The Life and Legacy of Al Parker Gay Superstar, did he even bother to try. I know this might seem minor, but considering one of Edmonson's recurring themes is the importance of Parker's relationship with his lover Richard Cole (aka Steve Taylor in his porn appearances) you'd think Edmonson would notice that it's Steve Taylor arresting Parker in this film - locking him up, then having sex with him in Part 2 of the film! In his description of the film, he says TWO cops arrest Parker, then have sex with him. You'd think you'd take a look at some of the films if you are doing a biography of someone who's claim to fame is his film work, eh? Ugh, I could go on, but I'll spare ya. And the other lucky fucker in the movie, also uncredited, is of course Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper). Now boys, don't hold your breath for me to show a clip of the threesome, but try to enjoy this Parker solo.