Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Current obsessions are Bjork's upcoming release, as well as the whole McGreevey "Gay American" thing. I'm spending hours and hours searching the's 4UMs for leaked songs, videoclips, artwork for the album, etc. And then there's the McGreevey thing, and while I would never ever buy the N Y Post or even the DAILY NEWS - when each had the same front page pic of the Gay Gov and his alleged lover, in tuxedos, on the cover (looking very SAME SEX MARRIAGE-y), I had to grab the issues Saturday and read every stupid article. Last night, I am leaving work and on the television the news is live, in Israel, hounding the Gov'e ex-lover! It's insane! But the one little thing that made me laugh the most (I know there is a lot more to this than entertainment, but what the heck) is some of the coverage of McGreevy's wife. I'm thinking, the poor thing, all this in public, and I do honestly feel bad for her. So anyway, the N Y Post sends a "journalist" to investigate what she was doing the day before the resignation announcement - and she was, of course, at the hair salon. I mean, you're gonna be on TV, look your best, right? But the nasty post felt it was important to share this tidbit of info on the poor woman - "The second Mrs. McGreevey had her hair done and got her eyebrows and upper lip waxed." OUCH! I mean, leave the poor woman alone, telling us she got her hairy upper lip waxed!