Sunday, August 29, 2004

Four days of helicopters. Thursday night, on the way home, there was one in the sky above, and pointing some sort of "headlight" down. By the time I reached my block, looking up I couldn't see it clearly as the light was right in my eyes. Geez! Friday during the day I saw military helicopters, you know, those green "transporter" types, going down the length of Manhattan. I have to admit they are rather disturbing; they just revive those anxious feelings of 3 years ago when while you knew they were flying for your protection, it only made you worry what they were looking for down here to protect us from. This morning the skies are loud and full of them. No one but official police/military are allowed in the skies above Manhattan for the rest of the week. The big peace demo is forming across town, but I am here getting ready for work. I really thought I'd have no interest in participating, but last Thursday's ACT UP naked demo got me nostalgic. It seems that everyone I know is going (OK, those who are still in town) and I got this email this morning - "a mess of us are going to sheridan square to meet up with "the gays" around 11am. the whole shebang kicks off around noon." Even my roommate was up early and has already headed out.

Gosh, I wish I was there. As much as I hated the idea of that convention coming here, in a way we are lucky. We have the opportunity to show that despite the war, and the fear-mongering, and the terror-worries, we are still willing to get together and speak our minds. I'm praying for a huge turnout.