Monday, August 23, 2004

And the OSCAR for best cameo performance in a porno film goes to....


..... clearly it goes to Al Parker's boyfriend Steve Taylor in this clip. The film is simple: show some pornstars/dancers prepping for a live performance interview, performing at an interview, then live on stage and invite a few porn celebs like Al Parker, Val Martin, etc., to watch. So during this clip we have wonderfully reliable Derrick Stanton dancing and stroking to the Clash's "Magnificent Seven" on stage while an occasional audience member gives a hand (or mouth). Meanwhile, in the men's room, three men are missing the performance and engaging in their own little show. But as good as Derrick is, where would he be without bearded Steve Taylor at the climax of this scene? Something like if you jerk off in the forest without a face, do you cum? hmmm, ... er, whatever, just roll the tape.

directed by: Steve Scott (1981)

Starring: Nick Rodgers, Melchor (listed as Mel Chor), Shawn Victors, Jim King (aka J.W. King), Derrick Stanton, Chris Kopay, Bob Moore, Dean Barey, Tony Vose, Kurt Jacobs, and introducing Steve "12" York and Le Cocq. With Steve Taylor, Al Parker, Val Martin and Steve Scott in cameos.