Monday, August 02, 2004

How 'bout that? I didn't plan on posting a home movie clip, but I was desperate to post something before I ran off to work yesterday morning, and found those poor-quality stills (posted below). But thanks for all the emails (both of you) asking for a clip of me in action. I tried - really, I tried - to find the old HI-8 tapes where those shy local boys allowed me to record some oral fun together (no faces, but fun nonetheless). But alas, I've spent several hours fast-forwarding and rewinding thru tapes of me solo, and the birds on my windowsill the past few springs, (and it's a bit disturbing to see both within seconds of each other) and can't find any of the 'home movies'. Meanwhile, above are some not-to-be-shown-on-eBay magazine images from stuff I'm selling on eBay. (clicking on a pic will take you to a page with 3 larger versions of the pics) It's a pretty good magazine featuring "action photos" from the 1982 film HUGE 1 which has 3 great 'loops' - 2 with the amazing Lee Ryder, and one with underrated and underappreciated Joe Reeve (he's the one relaxing on his motorcylce).