Monday, November 01, 2004

The best part of the night was later, after saying goodbye to my pal who accompanied me to the local sexclub. I peddled uptown (13th St) to have a cheap beer or two, knowing not many people would be at Phoenix, but was sorta looking forward to a wind-down of sorts.

The sex I had was OK - and I probably should've taken fuller advantage of the couple who I had experienced individually before. The one guy has the most wonderful mouth - goateed, thick thick full mustache and tons of white, black and silver hair. Very very oral, both on my cock, and better yet, mouth-to-mouth. Damn, I could just chew on his upper lip for hours. But these guys were a bit more down to business, and once the oral guy and I were going at it, his partner approached him from behind, "preparing" his pal for entry. This got him very excited, of course, but he kept his attentions focused on me. BackDoor partner latched on, made his entry, but all the while kept his focus on my face - intense eye contact, but no actual face-to-face contact (I'm guessing he could tell how much I wanted it, and figured the teasing would be more intoxicating, and it was). Anyway, I was building up quite a sweat, and had a nice hard woody for MrMouth to chow down on, but I kept pulling him off, as I was getting too close. But I guess they were in a hurry, and it was suddenly obvious that these boys were about to pop - and they did, nearly simultaneously. MrMouth was especially nice, as he kept up some post-cumming kissing and affection, as BackDoor man simply smirked handsomely from behind.

Then the old pat on the ass, pulled up jockstraps and underwear, and they were off. I stayed too long, and nothing quite approached the intensity of that pair, as disappointingly brief as it was. And I was long ready to leave, but couldn't quite interrupt my pal to say goodbye. So I (im)patiently waited, and eventually he came up for air, and we headed out together. Walking up Ave B in the fall air was great - warm, a bit foggy and moist, and we said goodnite and I peddled uptown. At the Phoenix, despite it being not crowded at all, the bar was impossible to approach, and I walked all the way to the end, then started back up as I noticed a handsome man leaning against the ice machine. Hmmmm, nice. At the bar, waiting for my 2 dollar beer (from the sweetheart who amazingly has figured out I go for whatever beer special there is, and knows what I'm drinking before I ask), I look over and HandsomeMan is smiling back. Now I'm taking a good hard look, and my smile turns into a smirk of sorts, and he responds with a sorta questioning smile back. See, the guy has some sort of costume, something I can't for the life of me figure out, but of course I remember it's Halloween, and about half the folks in the bar have an outfit on, and the other half, including me, don't. Some sort of cape, hair extensions or something from his... from his chin! And some off "bun" thingee on his head. But what strikes me is that through all that, he still manages to project this strikingly handsome face, and that's what give me the big smile; silly outfit, and a face I could, well, let's keep my overly romantic thought processes at least somewhat secret.

There's a bit of a stand off, as I grab a bar stool, and he leans firmer against the ice machine. Then he's talking to one of the pool players, and I figure, OK, pal, ball's in your court. You know the rules. The guy with the friends can't expect the solo guy to make the initial approach. I settle in, but keep enough eye contact going to not seem aloof. goddamn, though, he's a good looking man, and maybe I shouldn't be playing it too cool. But the good news is that it wasn't the usual looking over, looking away, looking back thing, but lingering smiles, and casual distractions leading right back to more smiling. It wasn't too painful, as he eventually gave in when he saw a spot next to me sorta clear, and he came over. I can't remember what he said, or what I said, but we just leaned close, and began talking about nothing.

Another goofy smile/laugh from me, which he again looked perplexed, what's that about? he asked. Oh, it's cool, I'm just a bit taken aback - you have an amazingly handsome face. And I lightly touched his chinhairthing, which was full and composed of many shades of brown and black and maybe even blonds and whoknows what else but it felt even better than it looked. He dug that, and grabbed a nearby stool and we sat and had long pauses without speaking, which wasn't uncomfortable at all, but rather endearing and comfortable. I excused myself for the bathroom, and when I came back, his feet were propped up on my stool. Enough room for half of my ass, so I sat down, and grabbed one foot, found my way to his ankle, and up under his pant leg. Mindlessly petting his ankle and calf, he smiled and told me he's getting too comfortable, he might fall asleep, but don't stop. Soon I brought up that he needed to get home, as he had mentioned work in the morning.

Outside, I turned right as he turned left. Where are you going? he asked. Vehicle I responded as he joined me near the light post as I unlocked the bike. And this was our first kiss. Light, quick, but such a good face, I had to stifle my giggle again. One more quick one, and we headed across the street. Some talk about how tired he was, and as we got to his front door, he apologized for not being up for me coming in (he's just visiting, and staying with a pal); but I assured him it was cool, and told him he should look for me at work the next night. He repeated the name of the restaurant, we kissed a few more times, I let go of his hand, and as I pulled away, and the gate to his building closed, we took one last glance, and I turned the corner and headed home.