Tuesday, November 30, 2004


man, i am just obsessed with hairy asses. and it's making me very cranky - the lack of hairy asses in my life, that is.

speaking of cranky, some of you may be familiar with my once every 3 or 4 months pitiful need to be thanked for the pain-in-the-ass work of posting these video clips. i work my hairy little ass off trying to keep the clips coming, what with all the reviewing, and converting to avi, converting to wmv, uploading, capturing just the right still pics, etc., and where are the dozens of "thank-you" emails?? (where is even ONE for this great classic, just below???) Several precious gigabytes of bandwidth just whizzed thru here last night, someone was watching, and.... oh, this is just so tacky! and of course there are a few of you who've written lately regarding other stuff who I haven't yet responded to - here's your chance to give me a hard time about that. (gosh, being so publicly needy is just soooo embarrassing, yet here i am)