Friday, November 19, 2004


directed by: J. Clinton West (1975)

Starring: Clay Grant, Richard Locke, Dave Daniel, and Mike Mitchell

Nearly 30 years old, this is Richard Locke's first film. Simple film centered on a young man, portrayed by Clay Grant, who spots 3 hot men while hanging out one afternoon. That night, he dreams of all 3, in various scenarios - most notably the jail cell scene with Locke as the "hot cop." Also included is a great railway car sequence, almost entirely missing from the HIS Video (hisssss!) current release (yes, yes, I realize the 3 Johnny Cash songs, copyrighted material, was probably a problem, but how hard is it to change a soundtrack as opposed to chopping off a 15-minute scene!!?? But those fuckers at HIS have most of their "pre-condom" catalogue chopped up and missing stuff - I could write a book!) But I digress. I actually came upon this trailer for Dreamer while working on my video collection list - I seem to have about 170 titles - and this trailer, and a few others, were at the end of a videotape of Christopher Rage's Wildside. I had never seen this trailer, and there is also an alternate trailer to Joe Gage's Heatstroke that I had never seen before, either. Woo-Hoo!