Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Casey Donovan

I'm sure many of you have read about the teenIDOL singer with the pornstar name - Star is porn as Telstra points Idol fans to the wrong Casey - and how their publicists used the wrong website address (www.caseydonovan.com instead of www.caseydonovan.com.au). Funny how the story seems to be that all these teens got exposed to all these NAKED IMAGES - in fact, there is ONE naked image on that site, plus about 10 video box covers. The real outrage should be that HIS VIDEO is buying up all these domains with 1970's porn star names, and it's just a link into their site to buy their product. (Even casual readers of mine should know my BEEF with them - too many vintage titles with 15-25 minutes of film footage mysteriously missing - and NO DISCLAIMER or warning about that fact before you buy!) Since the "scandal" erupted, they've put up an age disclaimer page (and teenagers always click "LEAVE, I am under 18") but not for their other pages, like Richard Locke. If you want some real info on the great star of such films as: Casey (first film, he used the name KEN DONOVAN), Boys in the Sand, The Back Row, The Other Side of Aspen, L.A. Tool & Die, Heatstroke, Sleaze, Non-Stop, Split Image, Boys in the Sand 2, Inevitable Love, and Fucked Up, you should try OUTcyclopedia's brief bio; otherwise, for something different, I highly recommend this less blond, not-yet-pornstar, CASEY.