Tuesday, November 16, 2004

guess which pic isn't on eBay

I know, I know, only the other day I expressed doubts about posting these sorts of tawdry pics - but after a flood of emails (3) telling me I am taken seriously, here we are. To be clear - I'm not selling these specific pairs of undies - the ones in the pics are mine, and I love them. I just happen to have extras - new, unused, with tag/bag (GAP boxer briefs have tag, army briefs are in sealed bag) - that I am trying to sell on eBay. The army briefs - well, what was I thinking buying a size 28? Oddly enough, about 2 weeks ago, when the weather turned colder and I was forced to wear pants, I pulled on one of the army briefs to see if I could squeeze my fat ass into them, and surprisingly, I wasn't gasping for breath. Amazingly, I wore them all night out, drinking BEER, in fact. But I neglected to take them off before falling asleep, and in the middle of the night, the 28-inch waist band decided it couldn't bear it any longer, and decided to squeeze relentlessly until I woke up in pain and pulled them off fast. The others, the GAP boxer briefs, I bought too big (LARGE) but I still keep a pair in each color as I like 'em loose and hanging (who doesn't?) sometimes. Fascinating, eh?