Monday, November 29, 2004


"Ok honky, let's show what real integration is"

directed by: J. Brian (1971)

Starring: Joe Markhum, Joe Nash, Ray Jackson, Kerry Clausen, John Robin, Todd Miller, Lomon Jay

Gosh, why isn't there a JOE MARKHUM fan club? (or do you say JOE MARKHAM? - remind me to scrounge around for some pics) Such a doll, that thick curly hair, long sideburns, great cock and ass, and a playful readiness in all his films. Anyway, about this particular film - J. Brian's FOUR, MORE THAN MONEY. Produced in 1971, it's based on Phil Andros's autobiographical 1966 novel, STUD - actually, $TUD, but it reads funny when you type that. (more about him here) Fantastic opening scene, where easy-going hustler Phil (Joe Markhum) is getting a bad blow job from a john ("feels like I got myself a scraper here"), as the voice-over narrates the introduction to other past scenarios, so that he can get "inspired" (i.e. HARD) in order to finish up with this trick. It's one of those currently OOP (out-of-print) Jaguar Films videos (looks like they got re-released in 1999, then pulled from the market again a couple years ago) that I happen to have posted to eBay, (along with another Jaguar film, Come Of Age). This guy can probably identify the 1971 hit music used in the trailer within 4 notes - the rest of you might take longer. I realize it seems like there are a lot of bad actors here, but get past the hard, throbbing cocks, and you'll see that Markhum really stands apart from the rest.