Monday, February 21, 2005

I was recently assigned the task of getting a smiling pic. Normally I don't care much for assignments, but, um, it was a sweet request - "you should have a smiling photo up - you are even more handsome when you're smiling" (not sure if that goes for when I'm blushing, but you can't see that). With this slight hangover (which makes me think I'm just not yet sober) maybe I can squeeze a smiling pic out of a hot photo session. Sigh. I'd rather take pics of boys butts in my bed (say that 3 times real fast) but arty self pics will have to do.

Meanwhile, feeling a bit nostalgic after trying to pull some good pics out of this big bunch of MEN MAGAZINES a buddy sent (not sure if linkage is appropriate, he might not want anyone to know he's a homosexual!) But seeing Blake Harper and Jason Branch in separate photospreads was kinda sad. I remember when those boys had a site together, and I wrote to each of them. Jason wrote back a sweet note; Blake never responded (as Barbara Bush would say, "it rhymes with witch"). Then the boys broke up, Blake did that bi movie (ewwwwwwwww!), so now I just lust after the better half of that former couple. Gee I am going on and on. And this little thing - how the hell am I the only website with this phrase - Gays Yes, Contras No - I'm dating myself, I guess (well, at least someone is!) Wish me luck with the camera.

update: Ah, my magazine donor assures me his boyfriend already knows he's a homosexual, so no prob linking my thanks.