Friday, February 25, 2005

shaved balls = chapped lips
Been spending a lot of time (a lot of time) looking at fuzzy, furry, furry, fuzzy men on line lately. While I've been spending time on various sites, I have to say Bears Gone Wild! is the coolest NAME for a bear site. And the logo, over to the right there, is simple and just right. Of course, they have stuff I'd love to buy, like these Organic Cotton Mud Flap Bear Shirts, but they also are selling stuff that is just plain wrong.

And redheads. Bearded, furry, fuzzy redheads have surprisingly really grabbed my attention. Gosh, when I was younger, it was just the darker, swarthy types; but lately, I'm finding my tastes expanding. It really comes down to the face, of course. My romantic side spots a handsome fuzzy face and I'm automatically seeing how handsome he will still look in 20 or 30 years. MMMMMmmmm. But, alas, occasionally you'll see some hot guy, covered, I mean completely covered, in beautiful, soft, thick, aromatic fur, and you get to the crotch shot, and BAM! some BIC razor has found it's way down there. So sad, those poorly trimmed crotches, little mustaches above a formerly beautiful bear-crotch. What are these guys thinking?