Wednesday, February 16, 2005

you show me yours, I'll show you mine
I realize I should be talking about the boy who left here an hour or two ago, pulling on his clothes and fleeing as I am waking up, but, um, well, OK, maybe I will, just briefly. He used the old "damn! the L train isn't running, and it's 4 am, what am I to do" trick to get me to offer 1/2 of my bed. Halfway home, we decided it would be faster if I rode him (on the bike, that is) and he seemed to enjoy that. Sitting on a handsome boy's lap as I am pumping the pedals was good for me, too. We were supposed to "just sleep" and if you know me, and know how I am after 5(ish) beers, it really is all I am capable of. But, somehow the topic of cockrings came up, and I pulled out a box of 'em, and he was trying them on and next thing I know he's showing off this real pretty cock; i mean real fuckin' pretty. Next thing I know, it's morning, there's a naked guy lying next to me in bed, and I go to make coffee. I fall asleep, and an hour later, there's a man (same man, I think) dressing beside my bed. Now, I gotta tell ya, we met because of this website - I mean, we were both out at the same bar a week or two ago, and he recognized my pic, and said hi, and he's really cute and sweet and all that, and then I saw him out last night. Anyway, as he's dressing, I'm offering coffee, orange juice, etc, he laughs but says no thanks, and then I realize - shit, he reads this thing, and he knows i just LOVE taking pics of men in my bed, so i laugh to myself, and stop offering stuff, and let him flee.

He'll be back. No no, that's not like "he'll come back for more" but more that he's got some stuff (made-for-TV-movies, music, etc.) I want to see, and I know he was interested in some of the porno I have, so, ya know, he'll be back. And I might even go to Brooklyn if I'm invited, who knows?

Meanwhile, for those of you who like jockstraps and stuff, this hard to find vintage mesh TRU-FIT jockstrap is already fetching a good price, with 24 hours left to the auction, but check out the pics - and his other auctions like the Boner in Bike Shorts (songs like a Police tune)