Friday, February 11, 2005

Tijuana Toilet Tramps

Director: Gino Colbert (1994)

Starring: Anthony Gallo, Joey Stefano, Miguel Lopez, Chip Daniels, Paul Brazil, Bill Marlowe, Jared Clark, Rod Majors, and Robert Harris

OK, so maybe it's not Anthony Gallo's best work (the shaved torso is a bit disturbing) but with his thick uncut manmeat and those meaty, killer thighs, I think we can ignore that. Of course the real star in this scene is Joey Stefano, rock hard beautiful dick as he's kneeling on the men's room floor blowing Gallo. And Joey was the king of the facial back in the early 90's, you'd never see him wince like most guys when their partners blew their wads on his face - no sirree!!