Wednesday, February 02, 2005

if i was your boyfriend

Last night I got home from work, and quickly turned on the computer so I can check out this music disc a good pal of mine made for me. I had lent him my new Cruising soundtrack so he could convert the tunes to digital files, and as soon as the sluggish computer finally finished loading up all it's crap, I put the disc in. Great! Songs sounded fantastic, and it was cool to hear them separate from the movie, in their complete versions. But then I noticed there were more tracks on the disc than on the vinyl, so I clicked ahead, got to the last track for the album, but there were 3 more remaining. Ahhhh, he added two Pink Floyd disco covers that we must've been chatting about 2 weeks ago when I gave him the album (he was deejaying at this ALL DISCO party). Then the final track, a few notes, not disco-y, but vaguely familiar. I turned it up a bit more, and laid back on my bed, letting the wonderful voices fill the room.

Gosh, I hadn't heard this in years - 10 or more, I would say. But the very first time was way back when I was living with a boyfriend, who had a huge collection of records from his years in the music business. I must've been trying to re-discover my gay roots - meaning I was playing some of the disco-related albums he had. I knew a couple of the big disco hits Sylvester had, knew nothing about his ballads, and was completely unaware of this "variation" on You Make Me Feel Mighty Real. It completely blew me away, this first time I really listened to the power of his voice. And then last night, silly sentimental me, thought - WOW, wouldn't you just want to send this to your boyfriend for Valentine's Day - as I just laid back enjoying, a few silly tears appearing, just from the memory of discovery. How odd then, that the title is You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Epilogue).