Tuesday, March 08, 2005

beg for it
Was trying to show the snow, but all you get, really, is the skinny arm and hefty gut. In other news, despite having closed the COCK three times last week (no, I don't work there now, I mean I was there well after last call was called), I am feeling a bit lonely and neglected. So, here's my bi-monthly plea for attention. I want to get to work on the opening clip from one of my all-time favorite films, Wanted, but just need a little encouragement on this snowy day - so e-mail me already!

It's the opening sequence, when warden Jack Wrangler is forcing a blow job out of hot, bearded, prisoner Ray Medina (who, alas, I've only seen in two other films, Gayracula, and Rawhide, and is credited here as R. W. Stone). In fact, the whole film is full of hot bearded cocksuckers: the best, Al Parker, of course; plus Medina; Al's real-life boyfriend Steve Taylor; a scruffily bearded Duff Paxton with his furry chest; and reddish-bearded Sam Benson who blows Wrangler, then gets fucked by him in order to distract the guard while Parker and Seagers escapes. If you like hot bearded cocksuckers (who doesn't!), you should see this film (or drop by my apartment).