Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Currently "between" boyfriends, and trying to enjoy what I can, when I can.

Ok, so I need some help. (no, not that kind; well, maybe; but for now, I mean specific help on this one specific thing) Where was I? Oh yeah, I'm learning that it's really easy to write what you think is fairly straightforward stuff, and then, because folks skim what you write, or you write unclear, things get misunderstood, or misinterpreted. So, I'm in bed with this hot guy a few weeks back, either he likes to hang out in bed a lot, or he just liked me, I'm still not sure, but we were there for hours after the day should have begun. Anyway, BOYFRIENDS came up and he said he thought i had TWO! Somehow he misunderstood the part of a personal ad profile I posted. "Like, yeah, I'm BETWEEN MY TWO BOYFRIENDS, but I'm a greedy fucker and still going out prowling for hot studs like you man, now put your dick back in my mouth." is what I was thinking but i gestured something to the same effect without using words....

So, what was the question? Oh yeah, should I re-write that line? Am I missing out on all the available bachelors cuz they think I'm "taken"??