Monday, March 14, 2005

pushing 40
ouch. Didn't get out of the house 'til about 1:30 last night, to check out Big Lug's new night over at the Parkside Lounge. Was lots of fun, but I think they put something in the beer. During my 4th 24 oz. PBR draft, I started to feel rather woozy. Clock said 4:05am, dj was still playing, but I stumbled out after (I think) saying a few goodbyes.

And could this N Y Times article be any lamer??? "But for some reason, that back room was closed last Saturday night, as it has been from time to time in recent months." Idiot obviously hasn't been to the place in years, if at all - the back room has been closed every non-Sunday night for a coupla years now. And his ridiculous attempt at having an HIV discussion with patrons of the noisiest bar this side of town wasn't just stupid, but insulting; he was clearly just trying to make his article somehow relevant by injecting this topic - "The one topic that barely came up was AIDS...." I mean, come on!

Whadya think about that new drug-resistant strain of H.I.V. that might be in our midst?

Yeah, she really does look like a real woman.

Are you at all nervous about having sex with strangers now that the drug-resistant strain of H.I.V. might be in our midst?

Naw. I think this is a new remix, or maybe a mash-up; who fuckn' knows, but it's great!

Do you think that the drug-resistant strain of H.I.V. that might be in our midst is the reason the backroom is closed, or did I just come on the wrong night, or did they move the backroom over to that corner there, where everyone is smoking and a few guys look like they've lost thier contacts, scurring around on their knees? Maybe I wrote this article 3 years ago, and added a few things like the "drug-resistant strain of H.I.V." reference to get the editor to finally publish this piece of crap.....

interesting sidenote: Look how often the writer of this article is mentioned in this old The Villager article accusing the New York Times of lifting story ideas from The Villager without attribution (The Washington Post also covered this story back in 2003).