Monday, March 07, 2005



Starring: Sonny, Jerry, Michael, Sean, Jon, Bruce (AKA Steve Cruise), Chris (Chris Thompson), and Derek

This is a scene from one of those mid 80's naked-dancing-but-no-sex tapes (like Hard Men: No Strings Attached, Advanced Disrobics). I was getting ready to sell this one, checking length, etc., and realized that Chris Thompson is not the only porn star in the tape. So I had to stop and do some research, but knew it was a Matt Sterling mid-80's film. Anyone who's seen Matt Sterling's 1984 release, Sizing Up will remember Steve Cruise. A bunch of the college athletes are out on the town, and Steve really gets into the music at this disco, taking off his shirt, unbuttoning his leather pants, etc. Later, he and his buddy (Chuck Spencer) stop in a park (fantastic fake scenery!), and poor Chuck wants Steve soooooo bad. Probably my a favorite scene in the film, Chuck is an excellent butt muncher. Anyway, this was supposed to be about this, but hell, it's a naked dancersize video, this is the BIG FINALE, what the hell else is there to say?