Wednesday, March 16, 2005

a fun night turned into a very fun sleepover, which lasted well into the afternoon. I have one regret: I gave him my number, but I neglected to get his. Damn, I hope I wasn't playing it "too cool" cuz he was one hot, beautiful, and enormously affectionate man. As we were falling asleep, he warned me that he changes positions a lot during the night. I figured a few minutes of snuggling, and we'd find ourselves separated comfortably side by side. Nope. Each time he moved, he grabbed and pulled me in close, just in a different, warm, firm embrace. Perhaps the best was him behind me, crotch pressed hard against ass, his short beard burying into the back of my neck. I can still feel his tightly gripped arms wrapped around me.

I will stop smiling........... ....... now.