Tuesday, August 30, 2005

at the sound of the beep
I hear the light beeps somewhere in the background, and I drift back to sleep. Then a long beep, and realize I am in bed, it's dark. Microwave oven sounds, and a figure in the kitchen - not my kitchen. I turn my head and begin to drift back into sleep, as his warm body sits along side mine, and I feel a warmth on my shoulder. Pressed down firmly, the heated pad is moved slightly every few minutes. Then he's gone; more beeps, his return, other shoulder. I am quietly told to turn over, and it's repeated for the front part of my sore shoulders. I am only half awake, and can barely manage some appreciative moans and sighs. Not much later he is stretched out along side me, a few kisses to the back of the head, his head relaxing lightly along side mine, feet intertwined at the other end of the bed.

Not many hours later, but with light from the outside world peaking in, I smell cocoa butter. I feel cocoa butter. His strong hands are massaging the parts of my body that were earlier pressed with the heated pad. He alternates hard pressure with barely noticeable kisses to the same spots. I am supposed to be grumpy in the morning, it is my nature. But I can't help but smile quietly with my face pressed into the mattress, his naked body maneuvering above and around me. I realize I am falling deeper.