Tuesday, August 16, 2005

damaged porn

YOU might think, awwwww, poor BJ has this damaged vintage collectible COLT STUDIO highly prized GALLERY photomagazine of none other than Paul Barresi - what a shame about the f**ked-up condition. Yes, but..... see, it's just damaged enough for me to realize I can't make much money off of it, therefore, I am forced to keep this 36-page ode to hairydaddy Barresi. Only the covers, and inside front cover of this digest-sized 1976 prize are damaged, and the rest is unfuckinbelievably amazing! One of the things you don't realize when you see these images on line, is the amazing quality not just of the photography, and not just of these beautiful men that Rip Colt/Jim French photographed, but the care and quality of the paper itself. There is the slightest texture, barely noticeable graininess of some of the pages, adding even more to the sensuousness of the experience of slowly leafing through the pages, mindlessly grabbing your crotch as each image unveils itself, getting slightly light-headed as the blood flows down, away from your brain, and where it matter more.........

......and OMG! I had no idea Barresi was paired with Tony Romano for some of the photos! MMMMMMMMMMM, Tony Romano, who I believe only appeared in one porno film, COLT's Hammerhead, co-starring with Gordon Grant - it was Grant's film debut, as well.