Wednesday, August 17, 2005

thongs are wrong
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Folks who know me know how much I hate this particular type of "underwear." As I told a pal of mine several months ago, "anything that's gonna push it's way up into my hairy asscrack had better buy me dinner first"; and needless to say, I've yet to see a thong do that. Anyone who knows me also knows I spend a good amount of time surfing eBay, not just for buying and selling, but for the wide array of amusing things that folks try to sell. This one is in the adult section, and knowing some of y'all can't view this item direct from the Ukraine Workshop of Master Leather Artists SERGEI & OLEG PETROV, I've posted the pics below. Thongs scare me, thongs terrify me, but MY GOD!, combine that with wasting high-quality Ukrainian leather, and it just makes me weep!