Monday, August 01, 2005

looks like the "boy-who-is-my-friend" (he'd kill me if he knew I referred to him that way, but I vowed to myself I wouldn't be the first to use the B-word) is making dinner for us Saturday night! Woo-Hoo!! I've had him over twice for dinner, and was paging thru this little book last night hoping for another chance to cook for him. Such a silly little book, can't even tell if it's 50's or 60's, but of course it has all sorts of little gems, including the mis-use of the word GAY - those silly str8 people!

"Lollipops, canes, all-day-suckers, or stick candy can be crushed and used as gay color on the frosted sides for lettering on top of the cake. Contrasting colors are pretty." I always wondered if contrasting colors were pretty, and now I know...