Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Director: William Hunter (1997)

Starring: Duncan Starr, Michael Brawn, Sean Davis, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Phil Bradley, Tanner Reeves, Shawn Austin, Sam Crockett, Mike Lamas, Wolfe, Darryl Brock, (and in a non-sexual role, Shelby Stevens)

I think I mentioned yesterday that I think Phil Bradley, (who you may remember from such films as: Barnstorm, Montreal Men (which makes me wonder if he was "discovered" by Kristen Bjorn), The Olympians, Wet Load, Phil Bradley Trilogy (comprised of 3 Bob Jones Productions: Bondage Boy; Bound, Bagged and Gagged; and Phil in Bondage - grrrr!), Total Corruption, Home Grown, and of course, my biopic, Jock-A-Holics - just kidding) is a total hottie. Just look at the way he wiggles his cute, delicious, tasty, hairy, musclebutt around on Shawn Austin's grateful face in this clip! And the scruffy beard of course is a total turn-on, not to mention the way his glistening, sweaty, hairy chest just begs to be licked (which, oddly enough, is NOT licked in this scene - shame on that director!) The movie does have other highlights - Michael Brawn doing what he does best - chowing down on huge meat, in this case Sean Davis; Darryl Brock fuckin' the crap out of Wolf's mouth and ass (can, anyone - ANYONE name a movie where WOLF has a hard-on for more that 4 seconds - the man's adorable, but WTF!!??); and the fantastic 3-way between 3 mechanics - Sam Crockett (always beautiful), Mike Lamas (thick Latin meat), and "lucky Pierre" Ethan-Michael Ayers.

Any suggestions here?Oh yeah, I've been having trouble viewing the clip on my FIREFOX browser, if a couple of y'all can report back to me if/how it's working for you - I'd be ever so thankful.

And of course, I'm selling this on eBay.