Thursday, August 04, 2005

Errr... Woof
Not sure how long this magazine, A Bear's Life has been out, but I thought this article - From One Bear's Point Of View was thought-provoking.

Speaking of BEARS, I've long been a fan of MICKEY SQUIRES, since first looking up at him on the big screen back in the early 80's in Joe Gage's Red Ball Express (billed as "COLT SUPERSTAR Mickey Squires", and if you've seen the COLT film with his delicious ass in that jockstrap you'd.... oops, digressing again...). And you may remember him from such other films as The Brig (I'm drooling just thinking about that scene near the end of the film), Face To Face (3-way in a gym with fellow hunk Will Seagers, and Miles Mitchell), The Joys of Self Abuse - which I've never seen, but am dying to own, despite the fact that j/o stuff doesn't usually do it for me, which is why his scene in J. Brian's Flashback was so disappointing - who could be inches away from Mickey Squires whacking off without licking and touching and...well, you get the idea; and of course more recent offerings like Classic Bear and Bear Country. But I didn't realize he's got a blog! And, woo-hoo, he's a Law & Order and SIMPSONS FAN (mmmmmmmmm, tastes good AND good taste!) Now, I'm not one to criticize another guy's website, but I think this is in the realm of constructive criticism. Someone needs to tell him (not me, I'm too scared) he should format the blog so you can link to individual posts; as well as have the most recent post at/near the top - that way those of us who want to revisit the page over and over won't have to scroll down to the bottom (no, sorry, no obvious TOP/BOTTOM jokes here) each time to see the latest post.

Totally off topic, but who here uses BLOGGER's spellcheck and can't f**mkin' believe it questions the word BLOG and offers such alternate suggestions as: bloc, bloke, blows, and blouse.