Wednesday, August 03, 2005

more reruns
I know, I know it's just soooo tacky to regurgitate old posts - yesterday's was 3 years old, at least. This one is a mere 1-1/2 years old. But, in my defense, I think it's worth it. And some of you may not have been reading this page way back then; I also had a request from a MAC user to try to post something, anything, in a format he can easily view, like .MOV or .MPEG. I am still dillydallying with the new superduperfantastic P.C., and haven't had the chance to deal with movie clips yet. (FYI, last night's experiment in recording a TV show on to the new computer worked flawlessly, and after work I was treated to a great Simpsons rerun) Now, where was I? Ok, movie clip. Briefly, I had heard the Kansas City Trucking Company had a watersports scene (I remember reading Richard Locke's account of drinking all this beer as another scene was being filmed, he was getting drunker and drunker but they wouldn't let him piss until they could capture it on film) that never made it onto the video when the film was released on VHS/BETA. The fuller account is here, where a reader wrote, then sent to me, the 1:23 scene. Brief, fun, and who doesn't want to see Jack Wrangler's cock wet with Richard Locke's piss, right? Enjoy.


Director: Joe Gage (1976)

Starring Jack Wrangler, Steve Boyd, Richard Locke, Duff Paxton, Kurt Williams, Dane Tremmell, Skip Shepherd, Bud Jaspar, and Maria Reina (Boyd's girl - non-sexual role).