Tuesday, December 17, 2002

4 of the 5 beers I consumed last night were free, courtesy of the company Holiday Party. (to anyone who got an email, or comment on your webpage between the hours of 3 and 5 am. from me, my apologies -- unless, of course, I was clever and witty) Sometime after 2 a.m. I pushed my way though the crowd, Lady Bunny on stage doing her schtick, me trying to purchase beer #5. A few moments later, as I approached the bathroom, a handsome man I recognized from several encounters in the backroom gave me a big hello-smile, and I smiled back, gentley kissing his ear. Apparently too forward, he was gone when I emerged from the urinals. Another guy was being friendly, but only because he wanted some of the weed that was dangling from my lips. I shared; he stopped dancing around me once I extinguished the joint. The highlight of this part of the night was, as usual, from the loudpeakers - Le Tigre's Hot Topic mixed into Groove Is In The Heart. The latter set me off in a nostalgia for the early 90's late nights at The Bar on 2nd Ave. But some god-awful tune played after that, and I headed out, on the bike, in the cold.

Earlier, at the party, one of the shift managers comes over to me - "What the hell's with you? You do like 40 bong hits before getting here?" True, I was pretty much sitting in that same seat all night long, having stuffed my face early, then allowing whoever wanted to to bring me a beer. Eyebrow Man was a no-show, so my lost-puppy face must've been showing, although fortunately for me, no one would know why. I was glad I went, nonetheless, even though it was fairly boring - I just enjoyed people-watching, how the crews from the 3 restaurants stayed in their own corners for the first 2 hours before the music got louder, the lighting a bit dimmer, a few people danced, and some Mexican guys tried to teach me Spanish (and me sounding just like Pee Wee Herman - "Feliz Navi-blah"). As I tried to leave, that same manager (a very nice guy) tried talking me into joining a few of them at some pool hall. I tried to laugh it off, but said I might, and took note of where they were going. After I left The Cock, I did, in fact, go to 4th Ave and 11th St, but the place was closed - haha, just as well, I didn't really need to embarass myself with a cue stick in front of co-workers. I think I am still a tad tipsy here, and I had hoped to get a few errands done today, my day off. Maybe.