Monday, December 30, 2002

OUCH! So, you have a friend coming from out-of-town, who is determined to force you to drink all 3 nights he's here, you have errands/work to do during the day, and restaurant work at night - should you go out the night before, drink beer, smoke dope, and get pushed and shoved around some god-awful backroom where very little actual sexual activity is taking place, then come home and eat whatever is in the fridge, waking up with a hangover and food particles in your beard and on your clothes? I didn't think so, but sometimes ya just gotta.

Oh, remember all that talk about TEXAS and SODOMY a few weeks back? One of the local papers finally got their on-line archives together, and you can read the excellent coverage, starting with Sodomy Returns to Supreme Court, plus a couple other background pieces, all by noted legal scholar Arthur S. Leonard. If you are hungover like me, or don't have time, you really ought to bookmark it and check it out later.