Tuesday, December 10, 2002

nice package
A very nice guy has sent me another box of goodies - the same guy who sent me a load of swimgear, etc., has just sent me some used, worn underwear. Naw, not exactly what you think, no "customization" other than the perma-bulge he's left from regular usage. Several name brands, stuff that ought to be fun for selling in the winter when I return to NaughtyBids with the stuff I can't sell on eBay. One item kinda surprised me - in my own reaction to it. At first I giggled while sorting through and seeing these teeny tiny shorts, but once I put them on - soft, well-worn cotton - I couldn't take them off! 20 years ago (and 20 pounds lighter) I could've gotten a job as a Fire Island House Boy in these, no shit. For now, they'll just have to do as sleepgear.

Speaking of auctions, I'm taking a rest for a few weeks, as I don't really like to do shipping and tracking down bidders as we get close to Xmas. That'll give me a chance to organize some stuff and be ready for selling in January again. I'm always looking for porn donations, of course, just email me if you think you've got something I want. Cockrings. Still have a bunch, any interest in one (or more), e-mail me with questions about prices, pics, etc. - they make great stocking stuffers! I love the 5-snap red leather one, very Xmas-y. (Nice folks get good deals, so don't be shy.)