Friday, December 20, 2002

Do-si-do your partner

Doing a few errands today, got some pics I finally developed, a roll that had been in my camera for close to 3 months. Many weeks ago, a gentleman from the west coast asked for a recent face pic, so here's one of the pics I took trying to comply (partnered, 3000 miles away, why do I do these things?). Also, funny enough, in that same roll is actual documentation of when I last had sex here in BJland - 10 weeks and 1 day ago, I asked the man who's balls were in my mouth if he could stand up, lean against the wall, as I pulled open the blinds to get the natural light (I hate using flash) - well, I dropped his balls out of my mouth to make the request, of course, I'm not that talented. Where was I? Oh, he was cool about it, but only let me snap the one pic, so here it is.

I think he's the only guy I've actually met on CRUISETOOL, the "partnered" guy who wound up standing me up 2 weeks later (twice!) - but despite all that, I'd probably do him again. Really fun in bed, and he's quite into me bossing him around, or at least that's what he said the other day in an email when I told him he had to make up for standing me up.