Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Love, and loss. Such a beautiful rendition of this song, Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye, I figured the excellent video from Annie Lenox and RED HOT should be seen, as well. Such a universal theme, and how strong the emotions regarding both fill your heart at this time of year, remembering the ones you love, the good times, the hard times.... I ran in to 2 old ACT UP-ers this week, guys I hadn't seen in years. One had the distinction of chanting "FIGHT AIDS, NOT ARABS" on the CBS Evening News in January of 1991; the other, just your typical hard-working cute activist from those days. A bit of the old-days talked about, wondering if much of what went on back then could ever be done in this current anti-terrorism climate (would anyone be brave enough to try and hang an ACT UP banner from the Brooklyn Bridge these days?)

Anyway, I did take a look at some potential posts of porn movie trailers last night - a few had me screaching out loud at 2 a.m., my poor neighbors! How clever these voice-over guys must've thought they were saying "Cumming soon to this theatre" as the video shows hard throbbing cock shooting load after load.... gotta run., but look for one or two of those soon ( I said LOOK, I didn't necessarily promise I'd actually post...)