Friday, December 06, 2002

I may have shown the official movie trailer for this one a few weeks or months back, but since then, because of a very generous donation of porno videos, I acquired the full movie on an early 80's vidoecassette issued by Quality X Video (apparently they put out a lot of 70's pornos, gay and straight, during that time - if you have any, hang on to them, or send them to me!) Where was I? Oh yeah, so this is classic Hand In Hand stuff - a couple is sharing a house on Fire Island, jealousies erupt, etc. The tale is told from 3 different perspectives, each of the lover's, as well as fellow house guest Garry Hunt (who I love! - he must've been a blast to work with.... oops, digressing again) Anyway, Garry finds himself sketching variations of the same guy over and over again, until one day he returns to his room and finds a huge life-size poster of the guy, Matt Harper (who you know as Will Seagers from L.A. Tool and Die, etc.). The sequence itself is over 10 minutes, and has some fantastic shots of Harper whacking off in the "forests" of Fire Island, but I couldn't upload such a huge file. I love this shorter part of it, as it's the LSD sequence, has a great disco soundtrack, complete with eerie/trippy filtering, and the editing is top notch. One more thing, I realized that when you open the page with the clip, you can "right click" on the movie itself and select "full screen" - it's a teeny bit distorted, but I think the clip works much better on the full scren.


"As I sat by the pool, Terry decided to break the monotony of the day by adding something interesting to the pitcher of iced tea he was making - namely, two hits of microdot acid."

Director: Jack Deveau (1979)
Starring: Larry Paige, John Carlo, Garry Hunt, Chris Michaels, Hugh Allen, Matt Harper (aka Will Seagers), David Littler, and Pepe Brazil; plus George, Frank, Johnny, and Juanita.