Monday, December 16, 2002

So, as I approach work, I see the big white truck parked across from the restaurant. As I cross the road, I see Eyebrow Man loading the truck, sleeveless shirt, arms full. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Trying to be nonchalant, I simply pass by, but he calls out "HEY!" -- and we do the good morning thing, he asks about my weekend, we stand out on the sidewalk together for a few moments, then we walk in to the restaurant together. Blah blah, he continues loading, I go to start my work day. A bit later, I am marking up the "specials" on the chalkboard, and hear a gruff "Hey" and it's him, standing behind the counter, and he asks for quarters for parking meters for the week. I count them out, and place them in his thick hand, he thanks me, and says "see you later." Ahhhhhh. Yup, still very handsome, and as he walks out, I watch the back of his nylon running pants slip down, revealing his blue jeans beneath; all that fabric as he's been loading the truck can mean only one thing -- delicious sweaty balls. Sigh.

He will no doubt be back later, but I decide not to ask about the Xmas party -- he'll be there or he won't, me asking just feels silly. He may just be a nice, good-looking str8 man, or he might be a nice, good-looking queerboy, but it's work, and I'm not up for complications. A couple hours later, he walks right up to me - "Hey, you going to the Xmas Party tomorrow?" then, "You bringing a guest?" I say yes to the first, no to the second, he seems perplexed and asks Why. "Boring restaurant humor, I wouldn't put anyone through that." The phone rings, a customer ordering delivery, I get a tap on the shoulder as I take the order, he smiles and waves good-bye. Hmmmm.