Tuesday, September 09, 2003

After reading Bloggy's morning account of the demo on the first day of classes at the Harvey Milk School yesterday, I pedaled over to see the place, it being somewhere in my neighborhood. I got there around 2pm, school was still in session, and both protestors and supporters were taking a rest. It looked a bit funny, as the BARNES & NOBLE bookstore sign is huge, and at first glance looks like they were getting protested against. As I rode past, I saw only 2 protestors in their pen, one holding the ol' (and very original) "God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve" placard. Which made me laugh, of course, cuz it seems that we might all be in a much better place if god HAD made Adam & Steve, right? Isn't Eve the one who ate that apple, then Adam ate some, and then humankind was banned from paradise? Sheesh! Paradise! Running around naked all day, eating everything and anything you want (except apples - how difficult is that?) Of course, I am far from being the first to realize this, (Goggling will get you several thousand results for "adam and steve") and found this to be an amusing take on the Adam and Steve story.