Wednesday, September 24, 2003

So, I'm sure some people are looking forward to tonight's season premier of West Wing, but dang it, I gotta work. Of course Law & Order is really my fave - but 'warming up the TV' before Law & Order got me semi-addicted to West Wing, as well. I suppose I could try to figure out how to use the timer on the VCR...

You know, I remember that I watched "That Certain Summer" way back when I was 11 yeas old, but I remember hardly anything about it, or what I thought of it. But I did dig up this pic, and this portion of an article/interview by Vito Russo, in a 1976 issue of In Touch magazine.

"This would mean that Martin Sheen was not concious of the fact that a number of actors shunned that role in "Certain Summer" because they didn't have the courage to play a homosexual.

(Sheen:) It took no courage to play that part. They called me and they said 'We've got a fascinating script about two gay guys.' And I said, "Who's playing the other guy?' and they said 'Hal Holbrook' and I said, 'I'm in.' You see, I knew they were serious. That's all I ask. If they were a couple of clowns trying to make fun of a relationship - gay or straight - I would have said 'fuck it.'