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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Too Gay For Bravo

So what's the deal with no major (i.e. "str8") papers picking up on this story - Gay dating ad unacceptable for gay dating cable program - about Bravo refusing to air an ad for during its "Boy Meets Boy" program?

"The ad, which provided to Gay City News, depicts a handsome shirtless young man in a bathing suit being checked out by several young women who can’t snare his attention and glance at each other questioningly. The puzzle is solved when another bathing suit-clad young man, also handsome and well built, arrives with drinks to share the first man’s lounge chair. The scene ends with the logo emerging on the screen as the online service is mentioned."

- Well, does the Daily News gossip column "DAILY DISH" count? See the ad for yourself.