Monday, September 22, 2003

failed requests
reqs: file
----: ----
101: /favicon.ico
48: /robots.txt
24: /blog/sky_tree_0413.JPG
22: /adultauctionpics/MENdec89_2.jpg

My favorite "failed request" is the old /favicon.ico. I admit to not knowing what it was until recently, but another bored Saturday night got me googling, and it turns out that each time someone bookmarks one of your webpages in their Internet Explorer browser, IE looks for a special icon (which someone like me is clueless in how to make), and when it doesn't find it, it's one of those "failed requests" you see in your website statistics. Fascinating, eh? But hell, 101 of them for a Sunday is pretty darn good. I go back to sleep know....