Tuesday, September 30, 2003

the intensity of the FAG thing
I got home last night, checked emails, auctions, and GoogleNews. I did my matthew limon newssearch, and saw something about Kansas Atty. Gen. Phill Kline appearing on O'Reilly Factor. Alas, I had missed it, but checked the cable box and saw it was repeated at 4 in the morning. I knew I couldn't stay up that late, and got to work on finally figuring out how to hook up my vcr to my tv/vcr combo (with broken vcr) to record it. The O'Reilly site mentioned nothing about Kline, but I figured I'd rather be safe than sorry, and since I couldn't figure out the timer, I taped about 6 hours of Fox "News."

Fast-forwarding thru it this morning, I saw nothing about Kline or Limon, but there was a segment on bullying. Is 'irony' the right word for O'Reilly doing a segment on bullying? He had a guest from Traditional Values Coalition (blah blah blah, i'm not gonna link, nor explain their rationale for how discussing gay bullying in the schools = gay recruitment). I did find it funny (not haha funny) to hear O'Reilly tell this guest that she was wrong equating bullying fat kids with bullying of gay, or perceived-to-be-gay, kids, that the "intensity of the FAG thing" (he seemed to relish being able to say 'fag' - FAAAGG), was devistatiing to kids. "I was a teacher, I know it to be true; I saw it with my own eyes" he told her in response to her claim that even he was buying into the gay's false claims. Of course, unanswered is what, if anything, did he actually DO when he witnessed this bullying; and later, with some gay advocate, he kept harping on how one cannot, and should not, mention sexuality at all when countering this. It was quite frustrating, of course, and just another exercise in O'Reilly showing his superiority over his guests.

Now another Kansas news source says Kline will be on tonight (O'Reilly's site doesn't mention this). I'm guessing that Kline himself, or someone in his office, is making the calls to all the local newspapers and TV stations, telling them how he's going on national TV to defend the State of Kansas from the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA. This good account/analysis of Kline's news conference on the Limon case about 2 weeks back is well worth your time.