Friday, September 26, 2003


"Dear Daddy, my name is Brad. I got to school at NYU. I'm 20 years old, horny, and I need a Daddy!"

directed by: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. (1984)

Starring: this scene - Dean Johnson and Robert Vega; plus Richard Locke, Daniel Holt, Johnny Dawes, Andrew Dupree, and Jan Boscamp.

One of those film-within-a-film pornos that I love so much. This one is about porno filmmaker, Daniel Holt (obviously mirroring the real life director, Artie Bressan), making a porno called Fuck Me, Fuck Me Daddy. The film-within-a-film stars Dean Johnson (at the time a doorman at NYC's Boy Bar) as an NYU student who answers a personal ad for a daddy (portrayed by Richard Locke). Daddy Dearest explores the director's past relationships, and his fantasy that one day, one of the young stars of his films will be interested in him and stay after the porno film is completed.