Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Was the 40 minute wait at the post office worth it? Well, shipping porn to needy customers is always worth it, of course, but today it was even better. 2 packages arrived for me, one a classic I Want It All, a 1969 gay novel (unfortunately, this is a 1995 reprint) by Dirk Vanden. But, best of all was the lot of ten "sleaze" books I won in auction on eBay a few weeks back, which included the original paperback edition of The Asbestos Diary by Casimir Dukahz. I only learned about Dukanhz when I picked up his Growing Old Disgracefully (1986) about a year ago, and looking thru it, saw that it was printed in The Netherlands. I thought this was odd, then did some "googling" and found that his subject matter is usually adolescent male sex, and the older men who enjoy it with these "boysexuals." And of course, since that sort of topic wouldn't easily get repriinted in this country again, when I saw The Asbestos Diary as part of a lot on eBay, I was determined to win it (and did, at quite a reasonable price, along with other interesting-sounding titles like Queer St. USA, The Half-World of the American Homsexual, Traffic In Innocents, and The Male Hustler.) Gosh, is there no end to the amount of cool vintage porn out there?