Sunday, September 07, 2003

So, it's sometime after 2:39 a.m., and we've left The Phoenix and I have just walked past the huge beefy bouncer at The Cock. "hey! HEY!" as he grabs me without leaving the stool he's seated on. "Oh, sorry, I thought the woman inside always took the cover" I say sheepishly, once the "it's 5 bucks" he said 10 seconds ago sinks into my beer-drenched head. I hand him 10, tell him it's for both of us, and we go inside. Loud, smokey, and packed, we walk over to the bar. The bartender (here's a pic, but it's an old one, and he doesn't always dress like that; in fact, Thursday night he was wearing a yellow speedo) is standing on the bar as we reach it and lean in. After finishing with one guy, he reaches down and grabs my jaw, I look up into his handsome (now bearded - yum) face as he shoves his bottle down my throat, and I feel the warmth of cheap tequila go down. He pulls out, dribbles another shot's worth onto my beard (mmmmmmm, tequila beard) as he repeats the same with Chas.