Tuesday, September 23, 2003

One of my (many) eBay pet peeves is folks who post PLAYGIRL magazines in the gay magazine section. Yeah, yeah, I know lots of gayguys buy the magazine, and have been for decades, but still. But clearing through mounds of porn last week, I found a Playgirl that, in the usual eBay lingo, was of "gay interest" (for eBay sellers, "gay interest" basically means it has a picture of a man, and he doesn't even have to be showing any skin!). So I had no choice but to post it in with the gay magazines. Falcon video star Johnny Hanson, who appeared in such porno videos as: Download, The Other Side of Aspen 3: Snowbound, The Other Side of Aspen 4: The Rescue, Trying It On For Size, and Hot Firemen, is featured in a layout. This Playgirl issue came out the same year as he started his brief all-male porno career, 1995. Here he is supposed to be looking at some naughty Polaroids a (female) neighbor left under his door. The black and white photography is actually pretty good!